MBSE First Year Apprenticeship Bursary

To assist first year MBSE apprentices with the financial burden of technical training, AMBA will issue a $500 bursary to eligible apprentices based on the following criteria:

  1. Apprentices must be employed by an AMBA member company and enrolled in first year technical MBSE training at NAIT Souch Campus;
  2. Sponsoring company must be an AMBA member company for minimum 12 months to be eligible;
  3. Cheque will only be issued once apprentice is in training.

first period apprentice award

What is it? The First Period Apprentice Award is a $750 financial award for first year apprentices registered in the Alberta apprenticeship program who are entering first period technical training at a public technical training institute in Alberta on or after August 1.

How will apprentices be notified? Apprentices who are eligible for first period technical training have been e-mailed about the First Period Apprentice Award. Eligible apprentices will also be told about it when they log into their secure MyTradesecrets account. Apprentices will also automatically be sent e-mails from MyTradesecrets once they register for technical training. These e-mails will go out in different phases prior to class starting if they have not provided their Social Insurance Number (SIN). There are three e-mails in total - once the apprentice provides their SIN, they will no longer receive any reminder e-mails.

How do they get the $750? If they'd like to receive the First Period Apprentice Award, they will need to go to their MyTradesecrets website and follow the instructions provided. There is also an information sheet attached that you can print and hand out to apprentices, or e-mail out to your key contacts.

Who's eligible? To be eligible, an apprentice must be:

  1. a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada;
  2. a resident of Alberta;
  3. registered in the Alberta apprenticeship program;
  4. not previously paid the First Period Apprentice Award; and
  5. registered to attend first period apprenticeship technical training at a public post-secondary institution in Alberta on or after August 1.

When will an apprentice receive their cheque? If an apprentice provides their SIN as soon as they have registered for technical training, they could receive the $750 during the first two weeks of technical training.

For more information on the First Period Apprentice Award, visit the Awards section on Tradesecrets or the First Period Apprentice Award page on Student Aid Alberta's website. There is also a link to some FAQs as well. If you get any inquiries, apprentices should be referred to: Student Aid Alberta Service Centre.