As indicated in AMBA’s mission statement, education is the leading focus for the metal building industry.

Alberta Metal Building Association strongly supports Alberta’s apprenticeship program, specifically the Metal Building System Erector. Member contractors are encouraged to sign up new workers as apprentices and provide them with the opportunity to progress through the training phases of the trade. Please refer to the apprenticeship link for further information.

In Alberta a worker may challenge a trade examination under the Alberta Qualification Certificate Program. To help workers prepare for the examination, AMBA has developed a 32 hour refresher course to assist with successful completion of the examination.

In order to obtain the Qualification Certificate, an application for Certification under the Alberta Qualification Certificate Program will be necessary. Specifically, applicants will be required to provide documentation confirming at least 4,500 hours and 36 months work experience for erecting structural steel. The hours of work and experience WILL BE VERIFIED. After verification, potential candidates will be notified of their acceptance. These forms are available from any of the Qualification Centres in Alberta.

A non-refundable fee of $450 is required, payable to the Provincial Treasurer, by VISA, MasterCard, money order or certified cheque. If application is made at a Qualification Centre, payment may also be made via Interac. The fee includes the cost for the examination. A rewrite, if necessary, will cost $100. Please review the Information/Instructions carefully before submitting an application, since fees are not refundable.

Should you have any questions or require assistance to complete the forms, please call the Qualification Centre in Edmonton at 780-422-6959 or in Calgary at 403-297-5028. You may also call 310-0000 to ask to be connected toll free to the nearest Career Development Centre.

Other training programs may be offered as circumstances arise.

MBSE Qualification Refresher Course