Metal Building System Erectors (MBSE) Qualification

As you are all aware (we hope!) the erection of Metal Buildings can only be performed by certified Ironworkers or Metal Building System Erectors. Workers must either have an Alberta (or Red Seal) Journeyman Certificate (MBSE or IW) or be a registered apprentice. Currently there about 125 MBSE registered apprentices in Alberta. Of these, approximately 80 are from Northern Alberta and 45 from Red Deer south. From the total number, approximately 95 of the registered apprentices are first year and the balance is second year. Unfortunately, a lot of first years are signing up but not attending technical training and end up being cancelled after two years.

First year training is common with 5 other trades (welder, pipefitter, boilermaker, steel fitter etc.). This means there are several training institutions delivering this training across the province. The second term of the program is delivered at NAIT and SAIT giving better access to apprentices from Southern Alberta. In addition, registering apprentices has now gone online at TradeSecrets Alberta. Signing up is simple.

For now we have been fortunate that we are a sub-category of the Ironworker Trade and class spots we don’t fill are taken by the IW trade. We run the risk of AIT deciding our numbers are too low and cancelling the MBSE program, meaning we would be left with only using fully ticketed ironworkers. While our apprentice numbers look reasonable not enough of them actually go to technical training.

As AMBA members we encourage everyone to promote apprenticeship training and the use of certified tradesmen. If you are an erector please know this is required and if you are found non-compliant you could end up with legal action. If you are a General Contractor please ensure the erectors you are contracting understand and comply with current Alberta legislation in regards to compulsory trades.

Find the MBSE Qualification Refresher Course Document Here