Control Zones on Roofs


The information below is based on OH&S legislation, keep in mind that if your company or the company that hires you has stricter rules in regards to control zones you must follow the higher standard.

  • A control zone is required on a roof where workers will be working within 4 meters of the unguarded roofs edge, the warning line can be as simple as a taut rope with a tensile strength of 5 kN with coloured flags stretched between stanchions that are no more then 2 m tall and 0.9 m short. 
  • Workers do not need to be tied off as they access the roof provided that they proceed directly into the control zone and remain in there.
  • If workers need to work outside of the control zone than a fall protection system or travel restraint system needs to be put in place to protect the worker in the event of a fall.
  • If workers are working on a large flat roof and will at no point be going within the 4 m area of the roofs unprotected edge the is no requirement to have a control zone.  
  • Any roof that has a slope of more than 4 degrees cannot use a control zone and all workers must be tied off.

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